Jul 302014

face to face conversationYou need to be on social media if you have a business today. But the best way still to build a relationship is to get together face to face. I was reminded of it a few years ago when my “movie buddy” and I went to see The Social Network which was about Mark Zuckerberg founding Facebook.

You may think I’m going to write something I learned from the movie but I’m not – exactly.

We met before the movie to catch up over a coffee, and play some checkers, too. That event reminded me that a “face-to-face” get together is really a reunion. It’s a chance to see the person’s expression and “feel” their warmth (pleasure or displeasure) as we each take a turn to talk. You’re building your relationship.

Then we went into the movie and I was reminded that even though social media is important for us and our businesses to attract people that the physical act of getting together is better – even wonderful. We should savour every second of it. It’s an opportunity to “be in the present”.

So meet your clients in person if you can. It’s more than good marketing. It’s great to be WITH someone. And if you live far away from them you can use skype or google hangouts to see them. when you chat.

What do you do?

(By the way, it was a good movie.)

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Aug 092013

Deanne KelleherI had a wonderful conversation and interview with Deanne Kelleher of KAOS Group. Deanne and I met over 10 years ago (we built our relationship!) when she ran the Beaches chapter of the now defunct Women in a Home Office networking group which met at the Ashbridges’ Bay Yacht Club. The scenery there is beautiful and looking out over the waters of Lake Ontario is so peaceful. But I digress :-)

She is everywhere – at a CAWEE (Canadian Women Entrepreneurs and Executives) networking and learning meeting (she runs their lunch ‘n learn events), running her own business, teaching at a community college AND Deanne is a wonderful connector!. She introduces people who need something to someone who has it.

A couple of years ago, after my stroke I needed help with my books and files and she organized them so  I could get at them easily when I needed to. That was time and money well spent.

She’s always been an organizer. It’s in her genes. So she started her own organizing business and became a business owner. You’ll hear a lot more detail in our interview recording.

Click below to hear our interview. If you want to save a version to listen to at a later time, click where you see “Download MP3″.

Deanne can be reached via phone at 416 347 9002 here in Toronto or by email at

Her website is . You may ask her any questions about her services and you may even use her. She’s very accessible and will call or email back right away. If you want any kind of organizing – business or personal – call her.

I interview these women business owners to demonstrate to you that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Who would YOU recommend I interview? Who is an inspiration to you?

Mar 242012

photo of Janet WilliamsJanet and I met at a networking group here in the Beach in Toronto nearly 10 years ago. (Another relationship!) At that time she was new to Toronto having just arrived here from England. A couple of years later we discovered that we have a friend/ reflexologist in common – Brenda Whan a holistic healing coach.

Janet’s a reflexologist who has a school where she teaches it to others. She never knew she’d be a business owner or that she’d do reflexology when she was a child. She started out as a secretary, became a sales rep and then when the last company she worked for laid her off decided she’d go back to school and learn something new. It turned out that she learned reflexology, became a reflexologist and the rest is history as you’ll hear :-)

Contact Janet directly via phone at 416-788-5970  or via email. Her website is  Footsteps Reflexology should you want to ask her any questions or get a treatment or become a reflexologist yourself.

We did the recording at my place in Toronto. Plumbers are redoing the plumbing in my kitchen and bathroom and it’s them working that you hear in the background.

Just click below to hear our interview or if you want to save a version for yourself, click where you see “Download MP3″

Remember that I interview these women business owners to demonstrate to you that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!