Startup business 101


You’ve been downsized or are just out of college and can’t find a job so you decide to start your own business. Or better yet you’ve always wanted to start a business and now you have the opportunity.

startup businessYou believe that having your own business will give you the freedom to do things when you want.

But have you ever had a startup business? Do you know what it really takes? Have you talked with people whom you trust who are or have been entrepreneurs?

What does it mean to start a business?

  • You need to develop (if you don’t have one) an “entrepreneurial mindset”.
  • You’ll have more freedom (no boss – except yourself J
  • You’ll be able to schedule your time as you wish.
  • You’ll spend more time with family and friends.
  • You’ll work more than you ever did (if you chose).
  • You’ll become a “jack of all trades” (don’t worry, if you’re a parent, you know how already).
  • You have to find business (that’s marketing) and get it (that’s selling).

How to start the right way.

You’ll make lots of mistakes along the way but that’s the case with everything in life, isn’t it?

I’ve been self employed since 1980 and started and run several businesses over that time. One with a storefront and inventory, one running a conference business and holding them all over the U.S., and others doing marketing coaching. I’ve taught and coached 100s of people how to set up and grow their businesses.

There is a phrase that “if you start right you’ll end right” but that doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way.

There are several things you need to have when you start and I’ve written 8 of them. As you read them, you’ll soon see that you should do them to grow your business too.

Find a mentor – who will also hold you accountable.

#1 Have A Mentor

I know I said it would cost very little but invest in one of these at the beginning.

#2 Hire a Coach

#3. 4 and 7 require you to read – a lot – both inside and outside your area of expertise.

#3 Subscribe To Newsletters

#4 Read Books

Keep things inexpensive by going to local conferences and courses. And more good news – most webinars are free!

#5 Take Courses and Webinars

#6 Attend Conferences

#7 Find and Follow Blogs

The eighth one should really be #1, and you may know who your target market is already, but read and learn and you may change the market you’re going after.

#8 Who Is Your Target Market?

And not only have I written lots more posts but there’s more to come…

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