“It’s not what we learn that makes a difference in our lives but what we do with what we learn. “

— Anonymous

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Archived Newsletters

Read the archived newsletters below to review what you missed. Each month a new newsletter is added so if you miss it, can’t find it on your computer, or are new and want the marketing tips and books bookmark this page.

Date                 Title

July review:    Why teachers make good entrepreneurs, show up consistently, slow down to be happy and Richard Branson’s top 10 quotes on communication
June, 2015   13 questions to ask when networking in person
June review:    Technology, why science says experiences not things, how to become an idea machine and how many times to post to social media
May, 2015   All marketing is slow marketing
May Review    Networking, LinkedIn profile, How to be efficient with your ToDo list and the happiest countries
February, 2015    How Do You Show Your Customers Love?
December, 2014   How to say no to fear
September, 2014   How do strategy and tactics differ?
August, 2014   How an interview builds relationships
May, 2014  Customer Service IS Marketing
April, 2014  6 Ways Marketing and Sales Are Different
March, 2014  7 Untraditional Books Business Owners Need To Read
July  2013  8 ways to use Cloud computing
March  2013   Do you have a mentor?
January  2013  How to Use Mindmapping To Plan
November 2012   How to Make Your Writing Better
October 2012   4 Ways To Record Your Procedures
September 2012  3 Ways to Train Your Clients
August 2012   6 Ways to Use Social Media More Effectively
July 2012  How to Organize in a Different Way
June 2012  To Write or Not To Write
May 2012  What Do You Know About Internet Radio?
April 2012  Do You Use All Three Types of Pictures To Market Your Business?
March 2012 Do You Need A Database Or Do You Already Have One?
February 2012 14 Ways That Online and Offline Marketing Are The Same
August 2011 What Business Tool Are You “Tackling”?
December 2010 Thank You And A Poem for 2010
May 2010 How To Run Your Business From Home AND Be Successful
February 2010 How To Use Junk Mail
January 2010 How To Take An Idea And Complete It
December 2009 Lessons Learned in 2009

August 2009 How To Use Finance As A Marketing Tool
July 2009 Take Your Key Clients To Lunch
June 2009 4 Ways That Networking and Joint Ventures are Similar
May 2009 6 Steps to Becoming Known as an Expert
April 2009 How do YOU Communicate Online
March 2009 Are Your Customers Paying Attention To Your Marketing Text
February 2009 Things I learned from Mom … While She Lived And At Her Death
December 2008 Best Wishes 2008
November 2008 Testimonials: Their Content and How To Get Them
October 2008  How to Be Fearless not Fearful
August 2008 Who Do You Spend Time With?
June 2008 How to Do A Funnel, Part 2
May 2008 How to Do A Funnel, Part 1
April 2008 How to Pick Your Clients
March 2008 How To Get and Maintain A Live Database
February 2008 7 Ways To Take Care of YOUR Clients
January 2008  How To Do A Trade Show of Any Size
December 2007 My Thanks and a Poem called Don’t Quit As You Start 2008
October 2007 Why and How Do You Do A Survey?
August 2007 Finding the Gap. Do You Know What Your Niche Is?
July 2007 How Do People Remember YOU?
June 2007 How Many Domain Names Do You Have?
April 2007 7 Ways To Help The Earth in YOUR Business
March 2007 How To Keep In Touch With People by Email Newsletter – Easily
January 2007 Write 1X. Publish 5X
December 2006  Thank you from me and DO IT ANYWAY, a poem by Mother Teresa
November 2006 8 Easy Steps to Your Marketing Plan for 2007
October 2006  7 Techniques To Use Networking That Guarantee Clients
September 2006  What Numbers Get You the Business You Want
August 2006  6 Ways To Ask For What You Want
July 2006  How To Market With Your Computer
June 2006 Do You Know the 5 Parts of a Business?
May 2006  How To Use the Law of Attraction in Business
April 2006 6 Steps to a Short Marketing Plan
March 2006 How To Persist by Phone. 6 Ways To Just Do It!

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