How to start a service business


walk aloneWant to start a service business but don’t know where to begin?

None of your friends have their own business so you can’t ask them.

There’s lots of information on the internet – some you have to pay for but much you don’t. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that there’s so much information available and bad that it doesn’t always tell you where to start.

This course is for those who want to do it themselves.

Since 1980 when I became self employed I have started and grown five businesses, trained 100s of people on how to start a business and been a coach to owners of at least as many. I’ve learned firsthand! That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes in the past but fortunately I’ve learned from them.

Get instructions written by someone who’s “been there and done that, has the t-shirt to prove it” and is still doing it.

Get technical support from me

As a former teacher and then a trainer, I know that we all have different learning styles whether you do it yourself, take a course in a classroom or work with a coach. Reading something may not work for you no matter how many times you read something. It’s probably by doing it that you learn best.

To that end, I’m giving you three – 30 minute sessions that you can use as you need them. If you can’t understand something technical – call or email me; if you’ve re-read a module several times and it still doesn’t make sense – call or email me. If we both use skype then I can talk you through it – and the good news is that it doesn’t cost either of us anything.

I want you to understand why you’re doing something as well as how to do it, so when you’re confused call me (email me first to set up a time on skype that I’m available).

Course contents for a service business

(I’m writing other courses including a U.S. version of this one, one for a “products offered” business where you buy the products somewhere else and need an inventory of them and one for a “products offered” business where you make the products yourself and have an inventory of parts you use For example a seamstress who needs thread, elastic, hooks for curtains etc. Each will have a Canadian and U.S. version.)

Is this one for you? You decide. Here are the contents.

Module 1 – First things first
… Things to have
… Your time
… Your previous work and how it relates

Module 2 – Types of business and general things to know
… Parts of a business
… General administration to do
……… Spreadsheet “Personal&Business_CashFlowForStartups.xls”

Module 3 – Marketing #1 of 3 including market research
… Definition of marketing
… Who is your ideal client, target market & niche
… Your first six months’ marketing activities
… Market research
… Appendix 1 – Market Research Process
… Appendix 2 – Marketing Activities
……… Spreadsheet  “MktgPlanandBudgetforStartups#1.xls”
……… Word document “MktResForStartupsForms.doc”

Module 4 – Website Planning
………. Spreadsheet  “WebsitePlanningForStartups.xls”

Module 5 – Marketing #2 of 3
… Pricing
… Branding
… Communication skills for marketing

Module 6 – Marketing #3 of 3
… Repurposing your content
… Social media
………. Spreadsheet  “SocialMediaCampaignAndTimelineForStartups.xls”

Module 7 – Sales
……… Spreadsheet  “Mktg&SalesCampaignAndTimelineForStartups.xls

Module 8 – One Page Business Plan and Finance
… One Page Business Plan
… Financial Management
… Profit&Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Income Statement
……… 3 Spreadsheets “IncomeForStartups.xls , ExpensesForStartups.xls , SummaryforStartups to send to accountant.xls”

Module 9 – Operations or “Doing it”

Why buy it?

This is a how to guide with a twist. It not only assumes that you’ve decided to start a business but the introduction gets you to look at your values and identify what they are before you begin. Your values permeate everything you do or write. When you stand up to speak – your values are there; write for your blog – your values are there; do any networking – vales again; operations or how you do something – your values again.

I let you know mine in the intro and how they affect all of the information in the modules that follow – the course itself.

website mythsI’ll change some of your attitudes especially the ones you may have about sales and debunk many of the myths you may have heard.

How do you buy it?

You’ve decided to buy the service business course. This is the Canadian version but the only differences are in finance which is Module 8. Here’s how you buy it! You get:

  • one pdf of the course (which has 9 modules in it and is 149 pages long)
  • one Word document which has market research forms and
  • eight customizable spreadsheets where you can enter your own material and data.

The cost for all of this is only $197.

If after all of this you decide that you can’t do it alone but need someone there with you after each module, you can buy my coaching services to start a business. Don’t buy the course here. You get it with the coaching. It’s on the Coaching for how to start a service business page on this website.

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