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dead newsletterHave you tried to write your newsletter regularly?

It’s difficult, isn’t it? You have lots of excuses like not enough time, poor writing skills, no ideas, nobody reads it, etc. But it can be easier than you think.

Here are a few tips that will make writing a newsletter easier.

1.Keep it short (as little as one tip in a newsletter but expand it.) People don’t all take the time to read books but they do read magazines because the articles are shorter.

2. Make the tip useful. Tell readers how you know it works. Lots of your clients have problems and this is one of the many tips you give out.

3. This could be a “hot” topic for the industry.

4. Use links to others’ articles on this but remember to acknowledge them as author.

5. Tell people what you want them to do. For example you may tell them to call and book an appointment.

6. Include your current promotion and a deadline if possible.

7. Proofread it. Read it  aloud if no one can proofread it for you.

8. Read it again from your client’s perspective.

9. Spell out the full words for all acronyms. You could put the acronym in a bracket.

10. Have a catchy title.

11. Curate information you’ve read. People don’t have time to read everything so tell them the “must read” articles.

12. Put links to your blog posts on a particular topic. Then you write once and publish twice!


Get it done! It doesn’t do any good in your head – send it out!

Do you have an idea of something that worked for you? Share it.

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Feb 082012

You’ve chosen a mentor and hired a business coach. What else should you do?

subscibe to newslettersDo you remember when all newsletters were printed on paper and came by mail? I do. In the 80s when I co-owned an Apple computer store in Toronto, we had a one page one. It was even before desktop publishing. We would type it (on computer), print one, give that to a printer, tell him how many copies to make, pick them up, fold and stuff them in envelopes, put a label for each customer on the envelope (Yes. We had a database program.), put a stamp on each and go to either a mailbox or the post office to mail them. WHEW! No wonder we were one of the few companies that did them :-)

Ezine or newsletter? What are they called?

newsletterThey’re now electronic and are called either ezines (pronounced like magazine) or newsletters. Some businesses still have a paper one partly because their clients don’t have/ use/ know computers. We use them because it’s “free” to start and postage (here in Canada as of April 1, 2014 it costs 85 cents to mail inside Canada) is too expensive.

Why subscribe to newsletters?

There are several reasons and each newsletter ALWAYS has a way to unsubscribe. It’s the law in Canada and the U.S. So subscribe to several for now. You can always unsubscribe.

Get several that are run by people in your business (your competitors). Here’s what to look for:

  • do they publish in text or in html (the “pretty looking” format) and do they give you a choice
  • what do they write about (you may want to write on their topics)
  • do YOU learn something (you should always be learning and this one way)
  • do they give you solid information or do they just advertise their products (the rule of thumb is 80% knowledge and 20% sales)

How do you know which newsletters to subscribe to?

  • Ask your mentor and your coach what they subscribe to. That’s why I had you get a mentor and a coach to start.
  • Read websites and go to the ones the business owners suggest.
  • Ask other women at networking events.


Well. What newsletters do YOU subscribe to and why? Tell everyone so they know. I get ones about blogging, about marketing to women, about small businesses, about PR, about networking events here in Toronto, …. You can see that I subscribe to many.

Every once in a while I “clear the clutter” and unsubscribe to a few. How do I decide? Well for me they’re often ones I don’t read any more. You’re just starting so which ones have you chosen?