May 032016

business goalsAre you “too busy” to do some business activities? Do you have lots of interruptions? Do these often interfere with you meeting your business goals?

Breathe easy. You’re like most other people. I set goals, write them down (or type and print them) and then I don’t look at them. I’ve tried hanging the sheet with them on near me. I still don’t look at them. I put them in to do lists that I stick to for a while and after a while I don’t look at them either.

You probably think I have a solution for this. I don’t. Well I do have one – have a person or small group that you meet with or talk to (I’ve found that email doesn’t work) either weekly or monthly that hold you accountable.

Recently some of us started a Mentors’ Circle, which is a kind of mastermind. Each us did an exercise at the beginning called “The Mentors’ Circle Scorecard” where we rated our responses to the 10 statements on it. Then we shared them with the other five business owners and unanimously we had put that what we wanted/ needed most from this group was accountability. Interesting.

We (the six of us) get together (in person) monthly and before we end the meeting each of us chooses someone with whom to “check in” before the next meeting. I had a call with the partner I’d picked but I’d only worked on one of my goals. This bothered me until she said something that made me think … and feel better.

I’d had a lot of “stuff” that I’d taken care of – got a new medical card, prepared info for income tax (it’s that time of year!) for my accountant, and completed lots of other government forms – in other words a lot of paperwork to do and mail and … you get the idea.

She said that sometimes taking care of “stuff” that’s NOT business makes room for clear thinking when you do business stuff. Getting it done takes a load off your shoulders. The accomplishment of it causes you to celebrate – yeah – it’s done J


So the next time you don’t reach your business goals but you DO complete something personal, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember that you’re clearing the way for smoother sailing toward your business goals.

What have you done to feel better?


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Feb 262014

Did you see “The King’s Speech” with Colin Firth that came out in 2010?

King George VI“Bertie” or Albert (Colin Firth) has suffered from a debilitating speech impediment all his life and is suddenly crowned King George VI of England. With his country on the brink of war and in desperate need of a leader, his wife, Elizabeth, the future Queen Mother, arranges for her husband to see an eccentric speech therapist. After a rough start, the two delve into an unorthodox course of treatment and eventually form an unbreakable bond. With the support of his speech therapist, his family, his government and Winston Churchill, the new King overcomes his stammer and delivers a radio-address that inspires his people and unites them in battle.

The movie is based on the true story of King George VI and follows the Royal Monarch’s search to find his voice.

You can learn a lot from this movie. I found it both inspirational and personal.

Why inspirational?

I had multiple strokes in 2005 that affected my speech and my balance so his perseverance in overcoming his stuttering as a royal figure on the world stage was inspiring to me. He also overcame the fact that he did not want to be king and had to become one when his brother David married divorcee Wallis Simpson and had to abdicate … another inspiring act.

Why personal?

King George VI was Queen Elizabeth’s father and both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush (the speech therapist) did a remarkable job of showing us that it’s possible to mix being personal and the formality of being king. Hmmm. Make your business personal AND formal.


Everyone should see it:-) Rent it or download it. I see why Colin Firth received a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance :-)

Have you seen it? What did you think? Tell me in the comments section.

photo credit: Doc Kazi via photopin cc

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Feb 122014

Let’s celebrate!

celebrationA celebration DOESN’T have to be “noisy”. It can be peaceful and still celebratory. We had a snack and drank tea and had come together to show our happiness that something really good had happened.

We were rejoicing (I say we because we were all a piece of it) the completion of redoing the website and its logo and sending out a newsletter (only the second one) and starting a blog for Christine McMulkin a client of mine who has become a friend over the years. It was a lot more work and attention to detail than most people know or expect.

I took my camera (I’m always prepared!) and here we all are in a photo.

groupFrom left to right we have Susan Ward of  Boost Business who did the web design and new logo, me, Liz McMulkin who did the data input into the database, and Christine McMulkin the client AND the writer of all content who invited us all to celebrate.

We were all part of the team who helped create Christine’s new look and feel.

It felt really good. So let me ask you – do YOU celebrate your vendors and make them a part of the team?

Jul 292013

inspirationI was in a Starbuck’s in Yorkville (a “trendy” area of Toronto) today and remembered going to that area when I first moved to Toronto in 1975 and had little money. I’d go there on Saturdays, buy a Toronto Star to read and a cappuccino (there were few coffee shops then) and sit in a café on Yorkville Avenue, people watch and get inspired by thinking of all the things I could do (i was 25 then).

I felt great just being there today so I asked myself what in my surroundings made me feel that way – what inspired me. I loved the people watching, looking in shop windows at what I could have, the fact that it was a neighbourhood (Toronto is full of them), and the fact that people walked (Toronto is also known for that). But lots of areas have these things too and I couldn’t put my finger on the one thing that gave me the feeling of inspiration. Perhaps that’s the way it is.

I came home and decided I needed to be there again for the feeling of inspiration that area gave me. I’m actively booking appointments at places there, looking for women’s networking groups that meet there and doing lots to ensure I get back there.

What inspires you?

I realized that lots of things stimulate and inspire me – being with people like myself to have a conversation, traveling, browsing in bookstores, fresh cut flowers at my place, talks with friends, walks in nature, some books, and some movies.

It’s different for everyone isn’t it? When we find something that inspires us and whoever we’re chatting with – see their eyes and ours light up – we connect – we feel close to the other person. We’ve found one of the things we have in common. I recently met someone for coffee and when we each talked sailing – we found a shared passion and inspiration.


What inspires you? Which book that you’re reading ot movie that you’ve seen is inspiring? Tell me and let’s share it here :-)

photo credit: Matthew Wynn via photopin cc

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Jul 242012

weddingMy cousin got married for the second time last weekend. She and her spouse are both baby boomers in their mid-sixties who each have children from a previous marriage and all of their children were present. The “children” are in their 20s and 30s. The bride’s father is 96 and stayed for the whole reception! (Picture courtesy of )

Too old to marry? NEVER!

Everything about it was perfect and as I reflected on it I thought about all the things I learned from it.

  • Celebrate. Have a party or some kind of get together.
  • Have fun. Be creative. The place where the reception was held didn’t allow “clinking” of glasses as a way to get the bride and groom to kiss so the emcee got creative. Someone from each table popped a balloon and if they could answer the trivia question inside then the bridal couple kissed. If their answer was wrong then that table had to do a dance of the emcee’s choice. Cool, eh?
  • Be with family and friends. My brothers and their wives were all there (after all it was a family wedding). And when the bride got up to speak she singled out friends she’d had for 35 to 50 years!
  • Dance and sing and play. Of course there was a lot of dancing. People even got up and grabbed hold of the person in front of them to “do the Locomotion” as it snaked through the tables.
  • Smile a lot. We should do that every day. One of the songs I grew up with was “Smile” with Jimmy Durante singing. That’s probably why I smile all the time.
  • Give a token of your appreciation. The bride and groom came around and gave each person a CD of some of the songs played. It didn’t cost them much but it was something we could use to remember the wedding.
  • Publicly thank those who helped. When the people at the head table each stood up their speeches were thank yous to individuals and to everyone present. One of the people there was celebrating his 70th birthday in a couple of days and the bride had a birthday cake for him.
  • Take pictures. There were pictures of people taking pictures. In this age of digital cameras and the fact that you can take pictures on your phone, people had no fear of “bad” pictures. They snapped away. You can delete some later, can’t you?
  • LAUGH. We don’t do enough of it and it’s good for your physical health as well as your attitude.

Remember to do everything often and not just at weddings, at birthdays or anniversaries. Do each thing every day whether it’s personal or for your business. If we did this, difficult times would be easier to take and people would be “nicer”.

Do you have anything to add? What else do you do not just at weddings but every day?

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Mar 082012

I watched the movie “Hugo” which took place in a Paris train station after World War I. In it the father who was a clockmaker told his young son that fixing what was in front of him at the time (a small robot full of gears) had “complications“. Then he looked at his son again with a smile on his face and said, “I meant it’s a mystery“.

It made me stop and think and smile, too.

Complication = Mystery

Entrepreneurs look at every problem as an opportunity. You could also say they look at every complication as a mystery.

A mystery can be solved (most of them). It takes perseverance (it may take a long time) but when the solution is found one feels joy!

Brain with jigsaw puzzle

Image: digitalart /

That’s why I like mystery novels and love being an entrepreneur. I love solving problems. This quality applies to entrepreneurs as well as to “positive” thinkers – those who look at a glass as half full and not half empty.

It doesn’t mean entrepreneurs are Pollyannas who ALWAYS smile and are ALWAYS happy. Quite the contrary. Entrepreneurs recognize pain and suffering and feel it. They just don’t dwell on it and let it affect how they see the world. They learn from it.

How do you view the world? Do you see every problem as an opportunity?



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