My goals & yours – do we “fit”?


“People rarely succeed at anything
unless they have fun doing it.”

Author Unknown

What Are YOUR Goals? Why Not “Reach for the Stars”?

Let me help you reach them.

setting your goalsI’ve done a lot of thinking about both my personal goals and my business ones especially since my strokes in 2005. I have worked with Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners to review with me what I’d written in 2000 to see if they were still true (and most are still true and achievable!). I’ve also done group coaching (once a month for a year – I did it in 2011 and again in 2014) with Tsufit of Step Into The Spotlight where I re-examined my target market, my “signature process” and the services and products I offer

You see before the strokes and my resulting “funny” voice, spastic right hand and decreased physical strength I was both a speaker and a “stand up” trainer (gave “live” sessions) and now I can’t do that (that’s another story).

So I knew that I had to do things differently because of my physical challenges. But thank goodness technology has changed so much. I can type with my left hand and “mouse” with my right. My attitude has always been an “I can do it if I try and if I can’t I’ll ask for help” which still works for me! I’m a survivor AND a thriver.

So if I can do it, so can you.

Today as a small business marketing coach and coordinator, my goals are:

1. To help you (only they can be certain) that you connect head and heart in all of your marketing

2. To provide the marketing tools you need to grow your business

3. If you need it, to become a “ghostblogger” for you (See my website page on this service.)

3. To give you “how to” written, straightforward, and clear instructions for each tool.

Do you feel there’s a fit between you and I? Try me out. I’ll give you 15 minutes at no charge and all you have to do is answer a few questions before we talk.

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