99 Ways to build your business for under $100


low cost marketingDon’t break the bank

Marketing comes before finance. Why? If people can’t find your business, you won’t make money!

But what if you don’t have much money? This document will tell you what you CAN do and that there are at least 99 activities that cost you less than $100. Every marketing activity listed (except building a website) is low or no cost. And I just wrote a blog post on how you don’t need the website right away :-) Start with a blog.

There are four sections in this document – strategic, marketing & sales, finance & administration and finally marketing online. Here are a few samples from the list.

#11. Create systems for doing things easily. (Strategic)

#22 Connect with people 1 on 1 to get to know them better by having “coffee dates” or via skype so you’re face to face with them. (Marketing & Sales)

#34 Pre-sell a new product or service – that’s one of the things Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield did with the book Chicken Soup. Create a demand for a new product or service. Build the “buzz” ahead of time. (Marketing & Sales)

#41 Mail a handwritten thank you note to someone who gives you a referral and tell them who it is and what you hope to do for them. (Marketing & Sales)

#58 Make it easy for customers to pay you – quickly. (Administration & Finance)

#79 Be interviewed at a radio show online. (Marketing Online)

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