Feb 252015

Meeting with a woman business owner one on one builds a relationship!

Lori Molnar is an interesting person and I got to know her even better when I interviewed her. Susan Ward who designed my website and comes regularly to my network brought Lori once and she’s come every time since (except for the times she and John go way on vacation). That’s dedication!

You know that when you host a party you don’t get to speak to each guest at length – well that’s my network. So I decided I’d really like to know Lori better.

We met at a local coffee shop (that’s the noise that you hear). I already knew that she is an interior designer, gerontologist and an artist but I got to learn lots more about her.

She had worked for years at the teachers’ union here in Toronto, took a sabbatical at age 40, during which she was renovating her house. She was in a paint store buying paint for this when she overheard a couple talking about their home to the sales clerk. She spoke up and gave them her ideas. They bought her lunch to chat more and became her first clients. And the rest as they say is history.

If you want to learn more about her, click below to hear our interview. If you want to save a version to listen to at a later time, click where you see “Download MP3“.

Lori can be reached via phone at 416 225-9357 or by email at lorim@lorimconsulting.com Her website is lorimconsulting.com . You may ask her any questions about her services and you may even use her. She’s very accessible and will call or email back herself. She’s warm, friendly and very approachable.I interview these women business owners to demonstrate to you that YOU CAN DO.

  2 Responses to “Meet Lori Molnar – a business owner, interior designer and artist”

  1. Great interview Trudy featuring with two inspiring entrepreneurs.
    Lori has a natural eye for colour and common sense approach to making spaces work aesthetically and functionally.
    Glad you found each other and did his interview – highlights what is strong and unique about both of you.

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