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marketing planWhen you see the phrase marketing plan do you cringe? Do you think of long and detailed plans that corporations use? Do you think of math and lots of detail and the time it would take? As a solopreneur starting out in 1980 I did. I even wrote a white paper on how to do one (in the 90s).

Do you look at successful entrepreneurs and say that some of them didn’t have a plan at all? They just flew by the seat of their pants (at the beginning). Or planning seemed to be a left brain activity and you’re right brained.

Everyone knows you should write a plan but like eating healthy or exercising many of you say you will do it but few of you do. So what’s stopping you? You have lots of excuses but the most prevalent is there’s not enough time.

I’m here to say that there is a happy medium – especially for solopreneurs. The standard marketing plan at least for solopreneurs is dead.

Use the word map instead of plan.

You can draw a map (right brain people) or use written directions (left brain) or both. Mapquest does. Why don’t you?

marketing planThink of planning for a trip. You decide on your destination and which places you’ll visit along the way and what you’ll do in each place. You choose your clothes according to these activities. You go on the trip and take lots of pictures. When you get home you feel relaxed and think about all the places you visited. You may even arrange a get together with friends to show your photos.

That’s a simplified version of everything you do before, during and after a trip. Now let’s compare it to planning in your business.

  • choosing your destination = writing your goals
  • what you’ll do in each place = assessing your uniqueness/ your ideal customer
  • your clothes = marketing activities
  • taking pictures = what you deliver in your business
  • getting home and thinking about where you’ve been = analyzing your results
  • having a get together = a celebration!

There could be much more but you get the idea. You’re really developing a plan. But you say that a trip is fun and so planning is easy! Why not make business and marketing planing fun too?

I recently read a book called The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee published in 2011 so being right brained isn’t an excuse. She found a way to make planning for creative types fun.

It’s about mindset. Change your mindset and you’ll see a business and marketing plan differently.

Tell me how you developed your business plan and whether you enjoyed the process. Remember if you love your business ….. loving planning goes along with it :-)

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