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how to work with youHave you ever heard the phone ring when you’re working with a client?

You can let it go to voicemail but aren’t you distracted for an instant when it rings? Now with cell phones and the proliferation of texting, aren’t you sometimes bothered by this? I am. In the 90s before email, I had a pager but my message there and on my phone said “If I don’t answer, I’m probably in a training session and will call you back within 24 hours.”

When you start your business, teach your clients how to work with you. It’s not just telling them your fees and how your service works but about calling you, emailing and texting you now. I reply to business emails on the weekend, keep them in my draft folder and then send them on Monday morning so people don’t think they can communicate with me on the weekend.

Four things to educate your clients about

Think about these areas of your business. How do you want people to work with you?

  1. What you offer. Whether it’s a service or a product teach people everything about what you have available. Include a few of the negative aspects, too! (That’ll make you more human and trustworthy).
  2. How to do business with you. What times are you available? What’s the best way to reach you? When do you check your email? etc … This will make your life and theirs simpler.
  3. What terms you use. What do people need to know? If they’re not buying yet, they may not understand the terms you’re using and that could be the reason why! Tell them without using short forms or jargon so they understand (for example, if you’re helping with technology don’t say RAM. Use memory. Don’t just say hard drive say storage etc). Tell them the term and a simple way to think of it. Never use jargon. That brings up another point. Who is your potential client? Who are you writing for? Novices and experts are very different.
  4. How to work you once they’re a client. What city are you in? How far will you travel? Do you prefer a long distance phone call or skype?

teach clientsCommunication is always at the top of the list of things that are important to people. Let them know and they will usually forgive you when you have a problem.

That should help them AND you! Tell me what you do.

photo credit: Thomas R. Stegelmann via photopin cc

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