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wizard of ozI saw The Wizard of Oz stage musical here in Toronto and it was magical. All boomers should see it with their friends, children and grandchildren. My favourite song of all times is Somewhere Over the Rainbow and when Dorothy sang it there were tears in my eyes.

The audience at the matinee I attended was mostly women and children. Many of the women had grey hair so I expect like me they had seen the original movie with Judy Garland as Dorothy (which was produced in 1939).

What can boomers starting their own business learn from this?

Choose an enduring product or service as your business.

How do you know that it’s enduring? Look around you at things that have been around since we boomers were kids. Technology is not ALWAYS the answer.

  • People always shop for clothing. Be a personal shopper.
  • They always write. If you’re good, become a writer. You don’t have to have a degree to do this.
  • They always take photos. Teach people how to take photos (you don’t necessarily hack to learn the “techy stuff” for digital camers.)
  • They always move. Seniors downsize. Be a “downsizer”.


Do you see what I mean?

You don’t have to learn technology (except for your marketing where you need to have a website and you can hire an expert to do that.) Stay young by taking a few courses at a community college college to refresh your knowledge and your skills.

I recently had coffee with Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with A Smile. She works with seniors to help them downsize. When I asked her why she had started this business she said that she had helped her mother to downsize several times so when she left her job to start a business she knew just what could do – downsizing for seniors.


Have you started a business yet? Do you have a business now? Is it in something you had as a hobby before? Tell us about it :-)

 photo credit: Jim, the Photographer via photopin cc

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