Jul 172013

startup - wizard of ozWhat can a startup learn from Dorothy?

Recently I saw the stage musical “The Wizard of Oz” – inspiring and motivational.

If you’ve ever seen the film by the same name, Dorothy is knocked out by a house that got caught in a tornado (very common in Kansas) and imagined a whole story which put the people she knew in fictitious roles. She always had one goal though and that was to get home to Kansas so along with her little dog Toto, she followed “the yellow brick road” to find the “wizard of Oz” who she was told could help her get back home.

Dorothy never gave up on her goal – to get home to Kansas. She dealt with evil witches, scary forests, the smell of poppies which made her sleep and “loud” guards at the gate to where she wanted t go.

How is this like you and your startup?

She had (and used) persistence, resilience, and courage which are all qualities of an entrepreneur.  “The Wizard of Oz” is one of my favourite movies (it came out in 1939 with Judy Garland playing Dorothy). I saw it as a child in the 1950s (yes, I’m a boomer) and it must have affected me. I’ve been self employed since 1980 and have gone through ups and downs and have had problems and opportunites in my businesses and in my life. AND I’ve always been persistent, resilient and courageous …. and positive.

Did seeing this movie as a child influence me? Of course.

Do you have these qualities? Yes you do since you’re starting a business. Keep moving forward as Dorothy did :-)


What other qualities do you have? What influenced you — a movie, a person, a book, a song? Let us all know by writing a comment.


photo credit: Jim, the Photographer via photopin cc

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