Jan 262013

I love to shop and so I’ve been in Shirley’s store on Queen Street East in Toronto and bought something every time. Shirley has always been helpful, friendly and most importantly remembers me even though I’ve only been in her shop three times.

I decided that I wanted to get to know her better so I invited her for coffee and the following interview.

Shirley and I did our interview at The Tulip Restaurant near her shop on Queen East so you’ll hear conversations and cups clinking in the background. I learned more about her personally and her background when we met. I feel that our relationship was strengthened by our meeting one on one.

Click below to hear our interview. If you want to save a version to listen to at a later time, click where you see “Download MP3″.

MP3 File

Shirley can be reached via phone at 416-850-7628 here in Toronto or email her at info@beaufortdecor.com
Her website is www.beaufortdecor.com . You may ask her any questions about her products or go to her store at 1584 Queen Street East near Coxwell in Toronto. She’s very accessible and will call or email back right away. And by the way she has great products at very reasonable prices.

I interview these women business owners to demonstrate to you that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Who would YOU recommend I interview? Who is an inspiration to you?

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