Do you need marketing knowledge and ideas about how to move your business forward?

Do you have a blog but haven’t written posts for it regularly because you don’t have the time?

Are you a woman who wants to start a business?


Do you ever find yourself thinking…

  • I’m a woman over 50 and know that I have different issues than a 25 year old in life and business.
  • I’d like to have another woman as my business guide. She would really understand me and my needs.
  • I’m stuck and I wish I knew what to do next to grow my business.
  • I’m … a single mom, had a traumatic accident that left me with injuries, am a breast cancer survivor, have MS, had a stroke … and if I could just stop feeling overwhelmed by this, I know I’d begin making the money I could in my small business.

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind I can help you.

Be proud of yourself!  You’ve taken the most difficult step – you’ve started the business or have made the decision to grow it.

“I have known Trudy Van Buskirk for over 10 years now – as my marketing and business coach as well as a cherished friend.
When I decided to step away from the civil service, step out on my own and into the unknown, it was Trudy who helped me reinvent myself as a business woman.  Trudy devised strategies to best promote who I am, who I am becoming and all that I have to offer to the world. Under Trudy’s guidance, my business quickly flourished. Within one year, my sales doubled. 
Trudy has continued to witness and support my personal transformation as well as the growth and expansion of my business through the years.  2011 saw that launch of my new web site, the creation of my blog and facebook pages as well as establishing a presence in Linked-In – all coming to fruition largely due to Trudy’s clear, consistent and caring guidance.” Christine Grace McMulkin www.christinegraceandcommunity.com

Trudy Van Buskirk - portrait image

I’m Trudy Van Buskirk and I CAN HELP YOU because … I’ve been a small business owner since 1980 and as such I know firsthand some of what you may be feeling.

Why would you choose me?

  • As a successful woman business owner since 1980, I understand who you are and what you may be experiencing. I know that women have some business needs that are different from those of men.
  • You don’t have all the skills to run your business or the time to learn them. Even though you can find them on the internet, you need someone to tell you which ones to use for your business. I’ll mentor you. I have small business and marketing experience and expertise, practical know-how and hands on skills including writing with a “marketing flair”. (I’ve started and grown businesses here in Canada and one in the U.S.)
  • You need to find out about the tools that allow you to run your business efficiently. I know them. I also have both teaching and technology skills (I’m not a technophobe which is unusual in a woman my age who ISN’T a geek!).
  •  I’ve been through life-threatening experiences and have not only survived but overcome them so I’m strong AND I understand what survival is. (The stroke especially!)

What should you do next?

1. Try me out. Sign up for my newsletter

2. Learn even more about me. Schedule a free coaching session for 15 minutes to see if we “click”!

3. Network. If you live in Toronto, Canada, meet other women business owners at the networking event I hold on Danforth Ave.

Oh … you can learn more about me and my story here


REMEMBER what I always say ….

Marketing is first a mindset,
second a plan, and
third a system.
Marketing is a process.
Marketing is NOT an event.